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ATM Machines


Thank you for your interest in our ATM placement program. We have assembled a solid and reputable team to maximize the success of our program. With 15 years total equipment vending experience in obtaining and servicing profitable vending ATM locations, we are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with our quality of service.

What We Do

  • Placing - Extreme Marketing Group has over 245 ATM locations in Richmond, Petersburg, Atlanta, GA, and North Carolina. We will place a new or used ATM in your location, complete cash vaulting, maintaining paper, parts, and a 3 hour response call to your location from one of our industry-trained techs.

  • Servicing - We'd be happy to service your Tidel, Triton, Tranax, or WRG ATM in Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Special Events - We come to you! We provide temporary machines for outdoor festivals and concerts, either with stand-alone machines or our Mobile ATM van. (photos below)


  • Carolina Teller Systems in Charlotte, N.C. which has over 19 years in the ATM business with ATM locations in 15 states, managing over 400 ATM machines.
  • Lyndhurst Transactions, LLC: Steve Crump, Outdoor Event Coordinator


Lyndhurst Transactions, LLC is owned and operated by Alexis and Stephen Crump. Lyndhurst Transactions is an independent ATM deployer. We provide ATMs for fixed locations and special events. Events previously serviced by Lyndhurst Transactions include C&E Gun Shows, the Richmond Folk Festival, the Richmond Jazz Festival, the Powhatan Wine Festival and the Urbanna Oyster Festival. Lyndhurst Transactions is a partner of Extreme Marketing ATM Group. Other businesses may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.

Special Events

Extreme Mkt. Supplied Mobile ATMs at the following outdoor events:

Friday's at Sunset

Afr'Am festival in Norfolk

Sales / Customer Service

If you have any questions please call us at 804.874.7992 or toll-free at 866.899.2704.

Tecumseh Williams Jr.
CEO / Operations Director

Partial Reference List

1. Holiday Inn CentralN. Boulevard, Richmond, VA
2. Holiday Inn CrossroadsStaples Mill Rd, Richmond,VA
3. Gelati Celesti8906-4 W. Broad St., Richmond,VA
4. Comfort Inn5380 Oakland Blvd. Hopewell, VA
5. Comfort Inn3200 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA
6. Day's Inn Chester2 410 W. Hundred Rd. Chester, VA
7. Clarion Hotel2401 W. Hundred Rd. Chester, VA
8. Comfort Suites93 1 South Ave Colonial Heights, VA
9. Sheraton SouthMidlothian Tpk Richmond, VA
10. Q- Market Sunoco3200 Nine Mile Rd. Richmond, VA
11. Airport BPWilliamsburg Rd Richmond, VA
12. A.M. Chevron:3934 Oaklawn Blvd Prince George, VA
13. Oilville Exxon2400 Oilville Rd. Oilville, VA
14. Midtown Texaco1642 W. Broad St Richmond, VA.
15. Atlee Crescent Texaco9159 Chamberlayne Rd Richmond, VA
16. Hanover ShellChamberlayne Rd Hanover County, VA
17. Friends Mart ValeroW. Broad St Richmond, VA
18. Beulah BPBeulah Rd Chesterfield, VA
19. Bell's Road TexacoBells Rd. Richmond, VA
20. Thornburg ShellInterstate 95, Thornburg, VA
2I. Paradise DinerForest Hill Ave Richmond, VA
22. City DinerWest Broad St Richmond, VA
23. Tan-A- SupermarketWest Broad St Richmond, VA
24. Richmond Heritage C.U.Richmond, VA
25. Wise Choice CitgoAshcake Rd Rockville, VA
26. Trolley Square Apts.Richmond, VA
27. The Lofts Apts.The Canal Walk - Richmond, VA
28. Breaker Sports BarMidlothian, VA
29. Strawberry Street MarketStrawberry St. Richmond, VA
30. Fairfield Commons MallNine Mile Rd Richmond, VA